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Hawkrock Football Club was started in 1999 as a travel soccer club for the Perry County area.  

Got Questions:

What is travel soccer?
Travel soccer is a program organized by age and gender. It provides a competitive training and playing environment for those players (and their families) who have the required athletic ability, soccer skills and commitment to the game.

How does travel soccer differ from recreational soccer?
Hawkrock travel soccer teams are competitive. Therefore, making the roster and staying on the roster, must be earned based on the team member's play & sportsmanship. In recreational soccer all players are placed on a team roster regardless of playing ability. Recreation soccer also has unique requirements to encourage participation by all players such as all players must play half the game. While Hawkrock's intent is to give everyone the opportunity to grow and play, 50% playtime is not guaranteed. It is based on performance, effort, and each teams needs according to the coaches discretion.

How old must my child be to play travel soccer?
Each spring Hawkrock forms new teams for the fall season. These teams are generally for the u9 age category, with players being in 2nd/3rd grade. We create teams at age groups that we have interest and ability for. A birth certificate will be required to show proof of age.

How do I get on a travel team?
Players interested must attend at least one tryout or a practice as a make up. Tryouts are in May for the fall season, located at Susquenita Blackhawk stadium (turf). Each participant will be issued a numbered jersey then will be judged on skills from a 1 to 5 score, attitude and sportsmanship. Players with the highest scores will be invited to join the Hawkrock travel team. Tryouts are advertised on website, social media, SASY soccer club and Susquenita School District.

What training is available?
Each team will have practice during the week. For additional training opportunities, Hawkrock offers summer clinics June/July, weeklong soccer camp in August, indoor leagues for November/December & February/March sessions at Yellow Breeches sports complex, foot skills during January and February. All additional training is based on interest and may not be available each year.

What volunteer positions are needed to help Hawkrock teams?
Each family will be required to commit times to the field by participating in the concession stand or helping at field prep days. These duties include line painting, field set up, trash collection and fundraising organization. If you do not volunteer with one of these duties you will be charged a club fee of $75.00.

What are the fee's of travel soccer?
You will have a seasonal registration fee based league, club and referee fee's. Each team will participate in at least one tournament per season with the average cost of $65. Average player cost will be under $200. Payments due at registration.

Where are the home fields?
Home fields are located at SASY & Hawkrock park in Duncannon, PA. GPS: 50 YMCA Road, Duncannon, PA 17020.
Park Rules: YMCA Drive is 25 MPH, parking lot is 5 MPH
No smoking/vape
No pets
No parking in grass
No climbing on soccer nets/goals

Is there fundraising opportunities?
Yes, we offer about 3 fundraisers per season. All fundraisers profits will benefit the organization and the player.

All players and parents will be required to sign a code of conduct form. Brand new players will need to provide a copy of birth certificate, picture, copy of insurance card and must sign a medical release as well as a communicable disease waiver.